As intimate as sharing a cup of tea

“Gina’s book serves as a companion to anyone who has learned they have a chronic illness. She offers suggestions on how to approach and manage one’s thoughts that are life giving and supporting. Through this book, she serves as a mentor and the conversation is as intimate as sharing a cup of tea with a lifelong friend. “… Read More

This book will serve many people

“Gina introduced me to both diabetes and celiac disease through the mature, accepting, focused way in which she deals with both. . . This book will serve many people at a time when both diseases seem to be increasing their reach.”… Read More

Exciting, terrifying, heartwarming

“Gina takes you on a journey that is exciting, terrifying, heartwarming and confirming of the resilience of spirit. I was privileged to listen to her story during the development of this book. I urge you to read it.”… Read More

Thoughtful advice

“Gina offers thoughtful advice for those us living with chronic health conditions. Her wisdom, humor, and inspiration make this book a wonderful gift―for yourself & others.”… Read More