Traveling With Diabetes Without Limitations

Tanzania – What a Rewarding Experience! I was so appreciative of being able to join friends to get an idea of what life is really like in Tanzania. We did this through: Visiting villages, hospitals, schools, and homes. Learning about … Read More

Empowering. Genuine. Heartfelt.

“Empowering. Genuine. Heartfelt. Gina takes you through the exploration of the journey to developing a personalized approach for managing diabetes.”… Read More

Truly inspiring! Unlimited possibilities await you!

“This book will uplift any reader living with any chronic physical or mental condition. As a medical professional, I gained  more perspective and insight into the intricate journey of discovering, of managing, and of living with a chronic condition. Truly inspiring! Unlimited possibilities await you!”… Read More

As intimate as sharing a cup of tea

“Gina’s book serves as a companion to anyone who has learned they have a chronic illness. She offers suggestions on how to approach and manage one’s thoughts that are life giving and supporting. Through this book, she serves as a mentor and the conversation is as intimate as sharing a cup of tea with a lifelong friend. “… Read More

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