Gluten-Free (GF) in Italy

Ciao Italy Last month, my husband and I ventured to Italy, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia with several friends. We were very fortunate to have one who wanted to act as our tour guide and translator on our adventure. Sal, who … Read More

What’s YOUR A1c?

A1c Cringe Factor Let’s face it. Those of us living with diabetes know that the Hemoglobin A1c of a person without diabetes is < 5.7%. So, when someone asks us what our A1c is, most of us just cringe. Many … Read More

Know Thyself!

“Wow, Gina, you make it seem so easy!” “Thanks,” I always say. I know it’s meant as a compliment. And the truth is that hearing it always brings a smile to my face. It makes me feel good about myself … Read More

Traveling With Diabetes Without Limitations

Tanzania – What a Rewarding Experience! I was so appreciative of being able to join friends to get an idea of what life is really like in Tanzania. We did this through: Visiting villages, hospitals, schools, and homes. Learning about … Read More

Empowering. Genuine. Heartfelt.

“Empowering. Genuine. Heartfelt. Gina takes you through the exploration of the journey to developing a personalized approach for managing diabetes.”… Read More

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