T1D and Alcohol

“May I start you with a drink?” is often the first question out of a server’s mouth. You can step into someone’s home and have a glass of something thrust into your hand before you have your coat off. Sometimes … Read More

Control-IQ: Thoughts 5 Weeks In!

About five weeks ago, I started using Control-IQ Technology by Tandem. I am a veteran in both time living with diabetes (44+ years) and using an insulin pump (10+ years). And this technology (in conjunction with Dexcom’s CGM G6) is … Read More

School is Underway!

School is underway… along with the worry of new teachers, subjects, classmates and possibly a new school. But add living with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, a condition that tends to make one feel isolated, and uneasiness takes on another … Read More

Eating Gluten-Free: Keep it Simple

If diabetes can be challenging to manage, celiac disease can be just downright frustrating. At first glance it seems like it must be pretty easy – just avoid foods with gluten. Easier said than done. It’s amazing the number of … Read More

Be Kind… to Yourself!

Welcome to 2019. By now many of you are making wonderful progress on your New Year Resolutions, some have made and broken them, while others didn’t make any at all. I guess I fall into the latter group. It’s not … Read More


When living with chronic conditions (for me – celiac disease and type 1 diabetes), burnout from the day to day management is always lurking. But much of what we deal with on an emotional level comes from the perceptions of … Read More

Gluten-Free (GF) in Italy

Ciao Italy Last month, my husband and I ventured to Italy, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia with several friends. We were very fortunate to have one who wanted to act as our tour guide and translator on our adventure. Sal, who … Read More

What’s YOUR A1c?

A1c Cringe Factor Let’s face it. Those of us living with diabetes know that the Hemoglobin A1c of a person without diabetes is < 5.7%. So, when someone asks us what our A1c is, most of us just cringe. Many … Read More

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